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Thread: Newbie Needs Help

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    I'm sorry if this has been asked before - i did a search but came up with nothing

    I have d/loaded a game (sub command) and it was in 2 rar files - after "un-raring" them i now have 2 folders (disc1 & disc2) - each containing lots of files (flt-sca1, flt-sca2, etc) and a sfv file - i have downloaded EasySFV creator but this won't rejoin the files (it says the orig file wasn't created using EasySFV) - What am i missing What software do i need to re-join or convert these files so i can burn them???
    PLEASE PLEASE HELP - I've wanted to play this game for ages - or has anyone got a link/hash for a working copy?

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    try opening the slv in notepad, works for me.

    also try selecting all the files at once then right clicking on them and selecting extract here, you need winrar installed to do this, you should now have a .bin or .iso now repeat the process for the 2nd folder, and it should work ok.

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    Sorry - I think i could have posted the original problem a bit better - The 2 rar files create 2 folders - CD1 & CD2 - these contain folders named flt-sca.001, flt-sca.002, flt-sca.003 etc and 1 sfv file in each....
    I'm completely stuck! - The only files i recognise are the sfv files - and these weren't created with EasySFV so it won't re-join the files......

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    yes i know these flt-sca.001, flt-sca.002, flt-sca.003 files are probaly .rar files, the person who ripped them wanted to put them on newsgroups, so he had to archive them to about 15 meg each, if you do what i suggested it should work, ive had loads of these types of files and its worked everytime for me.

    you need winrar or winace though on your comp first.

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    I don't think these files are .rar or .ace files - i don't get the option to extract them, just archive them (like any other file) - and yes i have WinRar and WinACE installed.... I guess without knowing which program split these files i'm shafted - I really wanted to play Sub Command too

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    this is just a total stab in the dark, but try to change the filename and add .rar on the end of them and then try it, like i said a total stab in the dark but it might work, also did you try opening up the .sfv file in notepad as well, as thats how i open them, they are basically just a readme and it might tell you what to do if you can get it open.

    other than this im not sure what your next move will be, but good luck.


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    Thanks for the help/advice mate - I'll keep trying

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    Success - For anyone else who finds themselves in this position - I renamed the first file .001 to .rar then the others.... .002=.r00/003=.r01/.004=.r02 etc - WinRAR then extracted the .cue & .bin files! WHOOOPEEE
    Thanks for all advice given


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