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Thread: Have you seen this error?

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    I just built a new computer and have been struggeling with getting it running smoothly.

    The computer is a 3.2 ghz with a ECS pt800ce-a motherboard, and two strips of 2 Muskin DDR 512 ram.

    I had a hard time getting it up and running but I crossed those hurdles and now I am faced with regular intermitent crashing.

    It will just reboot mid-operation, it has frozen when shutting down, sometimes it freezes at this Screen
    (link at bottom if broken) Which makes me think that it would be overheating, but everytime I check the cpu temp it is 40degrees C. The CPU fan had a therm paste tape attached to it, and i have never closed the box, and the room temp is about 50degrees Farientheit.

    I am wondering if its the ram not playing well with the MOBO?

    Or if it is a setting in the MOBO bios to makes it handle this ram better?

    Short of buying new ram I am out of ideas to troubleshoot the problem

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    Try reseting the bios...

    Did u overclock?
    is memory compatible with mobo?
    is cpu overheating?
    vcore too low?

    if u want to fix the problem and not have any more problems the first thing i would do is get rid of the ECS mobo...ECS is one of the worst mobo companies.

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    No over clocking, just built the PC and trying to get it working.
    I donít think it is overheating every time I check the temp it is 40degrees, but I will check it tonight immediately after it crashes.

    Not sure about the memory compatibility, being that ECS claims there are only 3 brands of compatible memory (not including mushkin of course).

    no idea what vcore is.

    I am beginning to think you are right about the mobo. It was basically free; I got it part of a $219.00 mob/cpu combo with a P4 3.2ghz.

    What is a good plug and play motherboard?
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    not sure which motherboards are good for the intel processors...
    but asus, gigabyte, and abit all make very good boards. There are other good ocmpanies, but most are cheap companies.

    THe one you bought it most likely crap...but make sure all of the drivers are installed, that might help with the freezing.

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    my only experience with an ECS mobo...
    (an older one, intel 810 chipset, celeron 600)
    was that if it had faulty or incompatable RAM it wouldnt even boot
    or POST for that matter, just sit there and beep

    but, that screenshot you posted....
    same thing i saw when my RAM went bad on my old MSI mobo
    get a hold of another stick of RAM and try it....
    or get rid of the ECS
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    I am nearly certain it was entirley due to the ram.

    With two new sticks of the muskin in place it would read the memory and boot but crash all the time.

    I tested the sticks and both sticks reported errors but one took much longer to detect the errors so i used just that one and have been crash free untill I mailed both sticks back to newegg today and now have a useless computer for more than a week.


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    try moving your pci cards around.

    edit: nevermind
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    I've seen similar problems when there have been incompatibility between the mobo and the graphics card (Radeon). No matter what I tried it would give those sorts of problems, even reporting memory problems. But testing the memory in another pc showed no fault, same story with the graphics card.

    Assuming the mobo was faulty, it was swapped but the problems remained. Tried an Nvidia graphics card and the problems stopped, but the price difference at the time was not acceptable. In the end I ended up replacing the mobo (with a different model) and all the faults disappeared.
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