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    Can anyone help me? I need some good templates for a clan website, but I am getting sick of the free ones. Is anyone willing to give out a premium template they have?

    I do have stuff to offer in return

    Or if someone has a boxedart account, you can download unlimited correct? Which would mean there would be no loss to you, only investment. - add me and we can talk maybe?

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    What sort of graphics are you after? Is this clan for an online game like Call Of Duty or Doom 3? On most official websites they will have a 'Fan Site Kit' which contain hi-res images for use on sites such as yours. Worth a look eh.

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    It's for my clan...we play various games from Halo to Counter-Strike.

    We use PC and Xbox live so it needs to be a diverse website. The only problem I have encountered so far, is that all the free templates cannot cover such a wide area and the ones that do aren't worth looking at.

    This is why I am looking for a premium template. Does anyone have a boxedart membership by any chance?



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