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Thread: Good sound system for my PC...

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    I've got an Audigy2 ZS just itching for a set of speakers good for gaming and listening to music. I was thinking a 5.1 setup, but 4.1 should be quite acceptable also.

    Any suggestions?

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    I have the same card and I'm using 6.1 Inspire from Creative. They're awesome. The volume goes up to 8 on the volume control and I can't raise it higher than 4 as I'm scared my windows will break. The bass is also great. You can feel the power.

    If you play games such as Call Of Duty, during the battle scenes it'll feel like you're actually there. Watching DVD's such as Band Of Brothers is something to experience as well with these speakers.

    Also, I recently purchased a set of 5.1 headphones, and the speakers were connected to these so it's pretty much future proof for a while in any case.

    Hope this helps. Oh and because they've been out for a bit, you should be able to find these 6.1 speakers fairly cheap too, so it won't cost you. Try or

    edit: pic attached

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    i have a jerry rigged system

    generic 600w PC amp, not even a name on the thing. re-wired to 3 x 80w 8" samsung kevlar subwoofers for bass, and 2 x 150w 2-way pioneer sets for highs

    not sure of the sound card in my PC tho, it is new and i havent had a reason to really look. great quality tho

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    what are these sound cards with Firewire on them?
    meh i only got these:

    There were $39 when i traded in my ps2 and 2 games for 190$ i also got headphones and HL2,
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    I have the logitech Z-5500 and they are awesome...very good speakers...i highly recommend them.


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