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Thread: Ut 2003

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    Does anyone know if there is a rip of ut 2003. I have a 56k modem so downloading the bin files would take forever.

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    Mar 2003
    Belfast, Northen Ireland
    Dude sorry can not help but should this not be in the request board.

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    The game is on 3 CD's and as far as I can tell getting them from Kazaa is pointless as its corrupted.....
    I would not even attempt to download something that size with 56k.................
    I had 56k for about two years and now I have high speed DSL....... Life is so much better now...
    I suggest you call around for prices and availability of broadband in your area......

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    Mar 2003
    im also a 56k user, so i understand why u want rips, but its almost impossible to get a 3 CD game to a rip size


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