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Thread: xbox refurb drive??

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    like many others im thinking of getting a new xbox(if i can find one) my question is, if i were to buy a refurbed xbox, do they replace the drive in the refurb? in my mind the answer is no, but im not sure so i figure why not ask those who would. my current xb has the dreaded thompson p.o.s. drive and has error's beyond fathom, brand new game one level in not even 10mins of gameplay and it gives me dirty disc error. any insight is welcomed appreciated and accepted.

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    A refurb is always better then a DRE. If the drive that used to be in the xbox was getting them, the factory would replace it with a new one. Refurb > used
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    If you have the skills, you may want to consider replacing the drive in yours yourself. It's not too hard, and you can order the drives for around $39.00 US. This will void your warranty though, but chances are that if you have an old Thompson drive, your warranty has run out a long time ago.

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