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Thread: I Take It, It's Not The Best Time To Spam

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    Anywho...I'll give it a go anyways.. brings you three great features in one site! First, is an free online dating site, where singles can meet other singles in their area and around the world. The free membership has everything you need to find and contact that special someone youíve been looking for. Also, another feature is the image voting section. Are you hot, ugly, fat? Well, post your picture and let other members decide if you are. Rate, and be rated! Attention webmasters! Looking for a free and professional way to generate massive hits to your website? Come to and use our free service to get your site off the ground. Itís all here, and itís all free! Start Clicking. Start Connecting. [ ]

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    no matter what's happening on the board just now, there can be only one response to this ad:


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