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Thread: System seems.....slow?

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    Since i re-installed Windows about a week ago my pc seems to be running amazingly slow. It takes about an hour and half to unrar a 4gb file. If im un raring i cannot do anything else on the pc without all the programs freezing. The only thing iv changed is iv had to go back to a 20gb 5400rpm drive with like 2mb cache where as my other hdd was a 250gb 7200rpm and an 8mb cache, also i have about 500mb or less hdd space left at most times.


    3.4Ghz Pentium 4 with HT
    1gb Pc2700 Ram
    N5700 256mb

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    tesco's Avatar woowoo
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    the harddrive would make uncompressing files take a long time...

    i assume you've run virus scans, spyware scans, all that already right?

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    Yeah, that hard drive you're using would definitely cause a slowdown

    The fact that it's quite full is also playing a factor.

    my .02

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    The fact that it's a 5200 rpm with 2 mb should tell you something ! But you or I would not be able to tell the difference . Unless your running Cad . or some other memory hogging program. Try cleaning and Defragging first .

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    AVG Shows nothing
    Ad aware crashes scanning on the 1672 file (some windows file)
    Spyboy shows up clean

    Gonna defrag soon.


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