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Thread: share ratio importance, Azureus.

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    If you use Azureus, you might have noticed that when you finish downloading something, it goes to the field below, wish meen you are seeding (I think), then, there is a column that indicates your ¨Share Ratio¨, well, does the ratio afect the speed you are able to download?
    For example, will I be able to downloadfaster if I seed ´til my ratio is like 5.000, that if I have a ratio of 1.000?

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    I've never really got how share ratios stop leechers. In communities they do, I guess, but when people only use TorrentSpy or TorrentReactor then their share ratios aren't going to matter a great deal. However, if they upload at too slow a speed while they're downloading, then other peers will be prefered over them I guess. Bit Torrent uses all sorts of alcorythms to decide which peer gets the best speed, I think... don't ask me which ones it uses: I have no idea.

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    I doubt it's even that complicated to be honest. To begin with, there was no ratio thing at all. It was probably something someone thought would be a good idea, but it was never fully implimented.

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    Its thinking like that which is why private communities ban people with low ratios, the ratio gives you an indication on whether or not you are helping keep a torrent alive, if you never seed to a 1:1 ratio then you in no way helped out the torrent, if you seed to 1:1 then you atleast gave what you took, if you seed over that then you helped the swarm to grow, the larger the swarm the faster everyone downloads, so to get good download speeds you need lots of people who were willing to upload more than they downloaded...


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