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Thread: What's The Best Way To Host From A Pc?

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    I have a DSL connection, router, and a firewall that can be configured.
    I was wondering the fastest and best way to host off my comp to send my friend's a direct upload for a file.
    what's a good program or way to do this?
    I found out you can let people browse your shared files on kazaa, but my ip is the router ip and my original ip wont work, even when my firewall is turned off. (cause of the router probably)
    I know that people download my files off kazaa all the time, so there's gatta be a way.

    btw, leting my friend leave an autosearch on overnight to find the file i want to give him doesnt count, cause it's too slow and not directly for him only.

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    erm, ithink youre tryin to send ur friend a file, direct without kazaa

    i also use a router/firewall/ADSL

    i use bulletproof ftp server.

    If it doesn't work, you may need to forward port (21 i think) to the local IP of your PC....if this is right, what u tryin to do, let me know, and what router if poss, and we can go from there....if not, ignore me
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    I use Bulletproof FTP and it works great too. Very easy to setup an account and all kinds of accesses. I share my files with my friends this way. I also hear serv-u is a good FTP client.


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