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Thread: TI-89 Calculator Problem... Log

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    Oct 2003
    i have a ti-89, and i have no idea where Log is..

    i have a LN button, but no LOG!!

    if anybody here has this calculator and knows where it is..can you help me out?

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    it's probably under the catalog button (lets you select from a list of functions and instructions) pg. 465 of the manual (below)

    here's the manual for your calc:$8992book-eng.pdf
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    I understand your dilemna,
    here is a possible solution
    (see attachment)
    (ps. you posted in the lounge)
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    Quote Originally Posted by zedaxax View Post
    I understand your dilemna,
    here is a possible solution
    (see attachment)
    (ps. you posted in the lounge)
    Umm .. why are you posting an exe file insted of a document or a PDF. I have the same problem as the guy that started this thread but i wonder about your post, is this a virus? has anyone used this yet?

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    Do you realize you're replying to a post from January 2005?
    emerly35 is away

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    Well I've no idea, one wonders why you didn't use google and find this page...

    Base 10
    The TI-89 does not have a logarithm base 10 key. However, one can use logarithm base 10 from the catalog. Press CATALOG to access the catalog. To navigate to log( , press L, then , then press the blue down arrow on the thumb pad, then press the blue down arrow 5 times to select log( . Press . Enter the number of interest, then press the right parenthesis.

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    Another simple solution would just be to use the principles of base changing with logarithms.

    LN(Whatever number)/LN(Whatever base) will give you the log of that number to the specified base.

    Ie LN(100)/LN(10) Will give you Log(100), or 2.

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    try the manual maybe?


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