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Thread: don't know what to call this

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    ok maybe i'm ignorant, or a newbie, but here's my thoughts on file sharing...people have been for as long as i can remember holding microphones to the radio, and record players, then finally making dubs... tape to tape... now technology comes up with cds and dvds' and internet has provided us with filesharing, so what is the big deal?
    we all know it's technically illegal to cut the tag of the matress, but everyone does it, and any artist who tries to claim it's hurting them financially is crazy cuz it only provides certain people who can't afford to buy the original product at market value the choice to own it, so no sales lost.... geez maybe i am missing the point, but its kinda stupid arguing over who has the right to own copy or reproduce stuff on a grass roots level, it's only FANs that are interested, and fans are the key to making people famous... did i miss the point? maybe

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    Nice post for you first here and welcome aboard. I guess if your board you can click my sig or HERE and ruffle through all the posts on it and perhaps click some of the links there to the EFF and find out what you can do and what alternatives are out there that the morons in the biz have just plain refused as sometimes I think this has always been more about power and control than about money anyway...
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