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Thread: "Search and remove" software

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    I need a piece of software that can match 2 text files up against eachother, then remove all lines present in one of them from the other.
    Lemme be more specific:
    I have a fairly huge HOSTS file, and Im using a batch script to weed out the servers that are non-functioning. It dumps the non-functioning into a txt file. So I sit there with 2 files, and manual searching is just balls. And yes I do mean search and replace in notepad, it would take forever.
    I used to have a batch script that would do this, but it didn't work prop.
    Compare programs is just one small step up from the search and replace, still too much hassle.

    So I hope you understand what Im after

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    the poopdeck
    i think piping your bad hosts file through find or edlin would work,
    been a while, let me think about it more


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