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Thread: transfering data off your cell phone to pc.

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    I just got a Samsung SCH-a670 through verizon wireless. It can take pictures and short (and crappy) video clips. The only way to get the pics off your phone is to either sign up for a special package or pay 25 cents for every sent pic/video. Sending them also uses up airtime (mandatory 1 min per send i believe). Anyway, I read some time ago that there is hardware that allows you to move games you purchased onto your pc when you run out of room on your phone, so you dont have to buy them again when you want them again. First of all, does this hardware really exist.. im assuming its some usb adapter that plugs into the phone somehow..? Also, can I access the pics I take with it. I sent on for 25 cents to test the quality, and its not too bad. thanks!
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    Yes they have data kit availible, I've seen them go for as high as 80 bucks for some damn reason, but i hear e-bay has one much cheaper, it uses USB instead of serial like the offical ones, but you have to find the appropriate driver for it...


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