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Thread: Floppy Drive Not Detecting Floppys Disk.

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    My floppy disk drive wont detedt any floppys. I have put like 5 in their and nothing happens. I went into device manager and checked and it says this device is working properly and the icon appears in my computer too. So i dont know what is causing this problem.

    ANy suggestions?

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    Has this been an issue or just started? Check the Bios and make sure you do not have floppy drive seek disabled. while your at i, check that is on the boot sequence as well. Turn pc off, remove power cable and check the floppy drive connections, i.e., remove power/IDE floppy cables and reconnect. See if you can access from a dos prompt. If you have had the floppy since the beginning of time, chances are it's finally meet it's maker in the floppy drive heavens above

    The floppies formatted? If nothing else replace it, they are cheap these days $8-$10-$12 bucks or so.
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    actually no floppys are 7 dollars

    yea after a while it stops working you know.... i've changed mien three times and the cd rom drive as well too

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    Oh, $1 dollar more. Big friggin deal!!

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    You can also clean its heads.

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    why would you want to use a floppy anyway?

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    there are 3 computers in my house

    2 are linked together; 1 isnt... now how do i brign a document to another computer w/ out wasting a cd!

    u do the math!

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    what's cheaper for you, and you can use the cd's that can be rewriten over and over.

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    When you boot ur PC up, does the light on the Floppy drive stay on ?

    If it is permanently on then its the floppy cable from motherboard to HDD that needs to be flipped over at the floppy drive side.

    If its not, buy a new floppy

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    Originally posted by junkyardking@9 April 2003 - 04:44
    what's cheaper for you, and you can use the cd's that can be rewriten over and over.
    naw a floppy drive is more efficent for me since i got so many free discs


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