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Thread: Going To XP Soon Some Advice

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    Ok so I am going to change to XP soon as its about time and I would like some advice. I spotted this and thought that was a good price but whats the dif from an upgrade and a normal? can I still to a clean install with this?

    OS at the mo win98SE and the rest of my system is capable of running XP


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    best thing todo is a clean install, format C: (not the upgrade release)

    using windows 98SE won't tell us if you can run winXP on it we need technical info.

    difference between the normal and the upgrade is that you need to format your disk to run the normal version, with the upgrade you can install it over win98 (not recommended).

    You can always download windows XP
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    My parents would pref if i got the real deal.....

    1 more there a BIG dif between home and pro? as i could get that as thats kinda more my price range (poor student) lol

    And my specs are:

    2 x 60gb HD
    AMD 2600XP
    512 DDR *333


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    home will be jsut fine if you're buying XP.
    pro jsut has extra features for domains and other configuration things.
    you won't need them.

    If you were to download XP though you would want "corp" as it doesn't require "activation". - this will help you get the computer running as fast as it can (other than upgrading hardware.

    btw, how did a computer with those specs get stuck with windows 98?
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    thanks but buyin is the way I will go......

    @rossco_2004 - just been updating it slowly and Xp was last on the list....i still got to update my graphics card NVid 5500FX (cheap but does the trick) lol

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    This site, while not updated as much anymore is a good place to start .

    I thought of this too when I read your post.

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    Oh ya a bit of advice.
    As soon as XP is installed you should install a good antivirus program, firewall and spyware scanner.
    Those are the essentials for ANY computer, IMO.
    After making sur ethose are isntalled correctly go to and make sure you ahve all of the latest windows updates, security patches, etc.

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    Go the upgrade route...go the upgrade route...go the upgrade route.

    I can't stress this enough.

    "Upgrade" is truly a misnomer, a marketing ploy used by Microsoft to get people to spend more money on the "full" version. Believe me, I use that word "full" very loosely. There is no need whatsoever to buy this "full" version as long as you have a previous version of Windows on CD.

    The upgrade version is a full version of WinXP.

    All you need is your original Windows disc from your previous operating system. You insert your WinXP disc and format your hardrive. During the install process you do want to choose the NTFS format not the old FAT system. You will be asked to insert your old O/S disc during the install. This is just to verify you have a "paid for" version of Windows. Hell, you can borrow a friends old Windows 98 disc for this purpose.

    That's a hell of a deal on WinXP Pro. I say go for it...

    As far as the rest of your installation goes, get all your drivers in order before connecting your freshly clean PC to the internet. This includes any motherboard chipset drivers, graphics card, etc. Go to their respective websites to get the newest versions. Make sure you're firewalled before connecting(even if it's the Windows firewall). Then go to Windows update first thing!

    Add you additional software titles(burning software, media players anitvirus, etc) last.

    Then start tweaking..checkout for the best tweaks. And of course, use TweakUI as mentioned above.

    good luck with it...
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    I'm like you I am wantingn to go from ME to XP and buy a legal CD.

    As far as I understand it the thing is that an upgrade version (which in New Zealand is dearer than a full version) lets you upgrade to XP on top of an old OS like 98 or ME AND keep all of our data. The full version installs XP on a clean formatted drive so you go not get to keep your data and installed programs.

    Myself personally I would rather install to a new clean dirve as that way everything is tidy again and I will re-install the programs I want. But make sure you have backed up your data to a couple of CD's etc as one might not work.

    What annoys me about Microsoft is that the Upgrade is dearer, yet to my mind it should be cheaper as you are already a user and supporter of Windows ! With all other software you get to go from eg version 7 to 8 cheaper than buying 8 for the first time eg Paintshop Pro, sort of like trading in a car !


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    I would not recommend upgrading to windows XP. I would always try for a clean install if possible. xp is very heavy compared to 98. Lots of graphics and stuff. Also if your a student you should get student discount pricing for software. I bought a full version of office windows xp and all the visual c++ progs a couple years ago for around 40 bucks. my .02 $

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