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Thread: C0nvert youR t3x7 to l33t

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    in a plane, high as fuck
    W0Wz I'm 50 co01, i (anz t4lk l!Ke a (o00nt3R s7RiK3 n3rd!


    Well my fun is done, im gonna go to bed early tonight, im sick and i cant be tired for exams

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    7H!5 !5 5700p!d, W5e3H0 (4nzsee533533s33533 R34d 7H!5?

    hmmm, if you feed it back in a few times it makes even less sense
    The Sexay Half Of ABBA And Max: Freelance Plants

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    im wonzderinzg !ph s0me0ne (000ld p134se l!nk m3 to 4 go0d p0Rnz-t0RRenz7 5it3 pl3as3

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    WHa7 7h3 ph00(K !5 7h!5 00b3R pR0gram? It 0wnsee all y0u noobsee. G0 rox 7he 8!g kox.
    Wha7 7He fu(k !s 7His u8er pR0gram? It 0Wznsee all y000 nzoobz. G0 R0x tH3 big k0x.
    Wha7 7He phucK i5 7His u8eR progr4m? It 0wnsee all y000 nzo08z. G0 R0x th3 8!g kox.
    Wh4t 7he f00ck !s 7H!s u8eR pR0gRam? It 0wnzsee 411 y000 nz008see. G0 Rox 7He 8ig K0x.
    WH47 7H3 fu(K !s th!5 u8eR pRogram? I7 oWznzsee 4ll yo00 n0o8see. Go R0x tHe b!g k0x.
    WH4t tHe fuck !s tHis ub3r pr0gram? I7 ownsee 4l1 y000 nzo08z. Go rox 7He 8!g k0x.
    WHat 7He ph00ck !s 7Hi5 ub3R pr0gram? I7 0wnsee 411 y000 n0obz. Go Rox the big k0x.
    WHat tHe phu(k !s 7H!5 ub3R pr0gram? I7 ownz a11 y000 nz0obsee. Go Rox 7h3 big kox.
    WH47 7h3 phucK !5 7Hi5 u83r pr0gram? I7 0wnzsee 4l1 you n0o8z. G0 r0x 7H3 8!g Kox.
    WHa7 7h3 ph00ck i5 tH!5 00beR pRogRam? I7 ownsee al1 y0u nz0o8z. Go R0x th3 big kox.
    Wh47 tH3 ph00(K i5 7hi5 00b3R pr0gRam? I7 0wnsee 4l1 yo00 nz0obsee. Go rox 7H3 8!g K0x.
    What tHe phu(K is tH!s u8eR pRogRam? I7 0wnzsee 411 yo00 nz00bz. G0 r0x tH3 b!g K0x.
    Wh47 tHe phucK is 7hi5 ubeR pR0gRam? It 0wnsee 411 y000 nzoo8see. Go Rox the big Kox.
    Wh47 the phu(K !5 7H!5 u83R progr4m? I7 0wnzsee 4l1 y000 no0bsee. Go r0x 7H3 8!g kox.
    What th3 fuck is tHis 008er progR4m? I7 oWznzz a1l yo00 nzoo8z. Go R0x tH3 big Kox.
    WHa7 tH3 f00cK !5 tHi5 ub3R pR0gr4m? I7 0Wznzsee al1 y000 noobsee. Go r0x tH3 b!g k0x.
    WHa7 the fu(K !5 tH!s 008er pRogRam? It 0wnsee 41l you nzo08z. Go r0x 7He big K0x.
    What the fu(K !s thi5 ub3R pr0gRam? I7 oWznzsee all y0u n0o8see. Go Rox 7He b!g k0x.
    Wh47 tH3 phuck is th!s u83r pr0gram? I7 oWznzsee 4ll y0u nz00bsee. Go R0x 7H3 8ig kox.
    Wh4t tHe phu(K !s 7H!5 00beR pRogr4m? It 0Wznzsee al1 you nz00bsee. G0 r0x tHe big K0x.
    What tHe fuck i5 7h!5 u8eR pR0gRam? I7 0wnz 411 y000 n0o8z. G0 R0x 7he 8!g Kox.
    WHa7 7He ph00(K !s this 008eR pr0gR4m? It oWznz a1l y000 nzoo8see. Go r0x 7h3 b!g Kox.
    What 7H3 ph00(k i5 this ubeR progRam? I7 oWznzz a1l y0u nzo0bsee. G0 r0x tH3 8!g Kox.
    WH47 7H3 f00(k is 7h!s 00beR pRogRam? It 0Wznzsee 4l1 yo00 no08see. G0 rox tHe big Kox.
    WH4t tHe ph00(K i5 7hi5 00beR pr0gr4m? It oWznz 4l1 yo00 no0bsee. G0 r0x 7h3 8!g kox.
    Wh4t 7H3 phu(K is th!s uber pRogR4m? It oWznz a11 yo00 nzo0bz. Go r0x 7He b!g K0x.
    What 7he fu(K is 7H!s u8er pR0gram? I7 0Wznzz 411 y0u nzoo8see. G0 rox 7H3 8!g kox.
    WHat 7he phucK !s tHi5 00b3R progRam? I7 oWznsee all you n0obsee. G0 rox tH3 big kox.
    What the phuck is 7H!5 ubeR pRogRam? It 0wnzsee a1l y0u nz0o8z. Go Rox 7H3 8!g Kox.
    What the ph00(k !s 7H!s 0083r pR0gR4m? I7 0Wznz 4ll y0u nzo08see. G0 rox tHe big Kox.
    What 7He fu(k is thi5 ub3R pr0gR4m? I7 0wnzz 4ll y000 nz0o8z. Go rox 7he b!g kox.
    WHa7 th3 fucK !5 7his ub3R program? It ownsee 4ll y000 nz0o8see. Go Rox 7h3 8!g K0x.
    Wh4t tHe f00ck !5 7His ub3R pRogr4m? I7 ownzz all yo00 nz0o8z. Go rox 7He big K0x.
    Wh4t tH3 f00ck i5 tHis u83R pR0gR4m? It oWznsee a11 y0u noo8z. G0 rox th3 big k0x.
    Wh4t tH3 ph00(k i5 7Hi5 008eR pR0gram? I7 ownzz 411 you n0o8z. Go rox 7h3 big k0x.
    WH47 the f00(k !5 tHis ub3R pR0gR4m? It 0wnz a11 yo00 no08see. G0 Rox 7h3 big kox.
    WH47 tH3 fucK !s 7Hi5 00b3R progRam? I7 ownz 411 yo00 no0bz. Go Rox the 8!g kox.
    WH4t 7H3 fuck !5 thi5 00ber pr0gR4m? I7 0wnz al1 y000 nz00bz. G0 r0x 7he 8!g kox.
    WHa7 7h3 ph00(k i5 7Hi5 uber progR4m? It ownzsee 41l you nz0o8z. Go rox 7he 8ig Kox.
    WH47 7he fuck i5 th!5 00beR pR0gr4m? It ownsee a1l y0u n00bz. Go rox 7He b!g K0x.
    WHa7 the f00cK i5 tHis 00b3r pRogRam? I7 ownz a11 yo00 n008z. G0 Rox the b!g k0x.
    WH4t tH3 fucK i5 tHis u8er progr4m? I7 ownzz a11 y000 n008see. G0 R0x the 8ig K0x.
    Wh47 7h3 fu(k i5 thi5 0083R pRogram? It 0wnzsee all yo00 nzo0bsee. G0 Rox th3 8ig K0x.
    WHa7 th3 ph00(K !s 7H!s ubeR pRogram? It 0Wznzsee a1l y0u nz008z. G0 Rox 7He big k0x.
    Wh47 7He ph00cK is 7his u8eR pR0gram? It 0wnzz 4l1 y000 noobz. G0 r0x th3 8ig kox.
    What 7he ph00(k is tHis u83r pRogR4m? It 0wnz 41l yo00 nzo0bsee. G0 rox the b!g kox.
    Wha7 7He f00ck is th!5 00b3R pr0gRam? It ownzsee 41l y000 nzoo8z. Go rox th3 8ig k0x.
    Wh47 7h3 ph00(K !s 7h!s 0083r progR4m? It oWznz 4l1 y0u noo8z. G0 R0x tHe big kox.
    Wh4t tHe phu(k i5 thi5 00beR pRogr4m? I7 oWznzz 4l1 you n00bz. G0 Rox th3 8ig kox.
    WHat the ph00cK is tH!s 00b3r pR0gRam? I7 ownzsee 4ll yo00 nzoobz. G0 Rox 7h3 b!g K0x.
    WH4t 7h3 ph00(K i5 7H!5 uber pRogram? It ownz 411 y0u nzo08z. Go rox tH3 b!g kox.
    What 7he fucK is 7h!s ubeR pRogram? I7 0wnzsee 4l1 yo00 no08z. G0 rox th3 8!g K0x.
    Wh47 7H3 fucK i5 tHi5 00b3R pR0gR4m? I7 oWznsee all yo00 nzo0bz. Go rox th3 b!g k0x.
    WH47 tHe fuck is tHis 00b3R pRogR4m? It ownsee al1 you nz008see. G0 rox tH3 8!g K0x.
    WH47 7h3 fu(K !5 7his 00b3R pR0gr4m? It ownsee 41l y000 nz0o8see. G0 Rox th3 8ig k0x.
    WH4t 7he ph00ck i5 tH!5 0083r pRogram? I7 ownzz 4ll y000 n0o8z. Go r0x tH3 b!g Kox.
    WH47 7he fucK i5 th!5 u83r program? I7 ownsee 4ll y0u n008z. G0 r0x 7h3 big k0x.
    WH47 7H3 f00ck !5 th!s 008eR pRogR4m? I7 ownzz 41l y000 nzo0bz. Go rox the 8ig k0x.
    Wha7 7h3 ph00(K i5 th!s 0083R pR0gr4m? I7 0Wznzsee all y000 nz0o8see. Go rox 7h3 b!g kox.
    Wha7 7h3 phucK !5 tHi5 u83r pR0gr4m? It ownsee a1l you nz0o8z. G0 rox tHe big kox.
    Wh4t tHe phucK !5 7h!5 0083r pRogRam? It 0wnzsee 4l1 you n008z. G0 Rox th3 8!g kox.
    WH47 the fucK i5 th!5 00b3r pR0gr4m? I7 0Wznz 411 y000 noo8see. G0 Rox tH3 b!g K0x.
    WHa7 tH3 fu(K i5 7his ubeR pRogRam? I7 ownsee 4l1 yo00 no0bsee. Go rox tHe 8!g kox.
    WHat 7He phu(K !s 7h!s 00b3R program? It ownzz al1 y0u nz0o8see. Go Rox 7he 8!g Kox.
    Wh4t th3 phu(K !s tH!s u8eR pR0gR4m? I7 ownzsee all you n0o8see. G0 R0x 7H3 b!g Kox.
    Wh4t th3 phu(k is 7h!5 00beR pr0gRam? I7 0Wznsee 411 y000 nz008z. Go R0x 7he 8ig Kox.
    Wh47 7He ph00ck i5 th!s 00ber pR0gram? I7 0Wznzsee a11 you nzo0bz. G0 rox 7he b!g Kox.
    Wh4t th3 phu(K i5 th!5 ub3r pRogRam? It 0Wznz 411 yo00 no08z. G0 Rox tHe big k0x.
    WH47 th3 ph00(K !5 7His u83R pRogr4m? It 0wnzsee 411 y0u nz0o8see. G0 Rox th3 8!g k0x.
    Wha7 tH3 phucK is th!s 00b3r progR4m? I7 0wnsee 41l y000 no08see. G0 Rox 7H3 8ig k0x.
    WHat 7he f00(K is 7h!s ubeR program? I7 0Wznz 4l1 y000 noo8z. G0 Rox 7he b!g k0x.
    Wha7 the f00ck is th!s 0083r pRogr4m? I7 oWznzsee 41l you n0o8see. Go Rox tH3 8ig K0x.
    What tH3 f00cK !s 7H!s ubeR pR0gR4m? I7 0wnsee al1 y0u nz0o8see. Go r0x th3 b!g k0x.
    WHat th3 f00(K i5 tH!5 0083R pRogram? I7 ownz 4ll you n0o8see. Go r0x the big K0x.
    WH47 tH3 ph00ck !5 7H!s ub3R pR0gR4m? I7 0wnzz 41l you noobz. Go R0x 7he 8!g Kox.
    Wh4t tH3 ph00(K i5 thi5 00ber pRogR4m? It oWznsee 4ll y0u n0obz. G0 Rox tH3 8ig Kox.
    WHa7 th3 phuck i5 this ubeR pR0gRam? I7 oWznzz 41l y000 n0obsee. Go Rox the big k0x.
    Wh4t the ph00(K !5 7hi5 ubeR pRogr4m? I7 0wnsee 4l1 y000 no0bsee. Go r0x 7H3 8!g K0x.
    Wha7 7He f00(k !s 7h!s 00ber pr0gR4m? It ownz 4ll yo00 no08z. Go rox 7He 8ig k0x.
    WHa7 tH3 fu(K i5 th!5 008er pRogr4m? I7 0Wznz 41l yo00 nz0obz. Go r0x 7h3 b!g kox.
    Wha7 7H3 phu(k !s 7His u83r pr0gRam? I7 ownzz 41l y0u nz008see. G0 R0x 7he big K0x.
    WHat 7he ph00(k i5 thi5 00b3r pRogram? I7 oWznzsee 41l y0u nz008see. G0 Rox the 8!g kox.
    What 7h3 fu(k i5 7H!5 008eR pR0gRam? I7 0wnz al1 you no0bz. Go Rox tHe big Kox.
    Wh4t 7H3 phu(k !s th!s 00ber pRogram? I7 0wnzsee al1 y000 nz00bz. G0 r0x 7h3 big Kox.
    WH47 th3 fucK is tHis 00b3R program? I7 oWznz 4ll y000 nzoobsee. G0 rox 7H3 big kox.
    WH4t tHe fucK !5 th!s u8eR pR0gR4m? It ownsee a11 y000 nzoo8z. G0 rox th3 8!g Kox.
    WHa7 7h3 fucK !s th!s ubeR pr0gram? It 0wnzsee a11 y0u nzo08z. G0 R0x tHe 8ig Kox.
    What the fuck !5 7hi5 ub3R pR0gr4m? I7 ownzsee al1 yo00 nz008z. G0 r0x the b!g K0x.
    WH47 7h3 phu(K !s 7H!s 0083R pR0gram? I7 0Wznzz 4ll yo00 n008see. G0 r0x tH3 big Kox.
    WH4t 7He ph00(k is th!s uber pRogram? It oWznz 4l1 yo00 noo8z. Go R0x 7He 8!g Kox.
    WHat 7He ph00(K !5 7Hi5 ubeR pR0gram? I7 0wnsee 411 y0u nz0o8z. G0 rox 7H3 b!g Kox.
    WH47 tH3 f00(k is 7h!s 0083r program? I7 oWznz al1 y0u no0bz. G0 rox 7He 8ig k0x.
    Wh4t tHe f00(k !5 7h!s 0083R pR0gr4m? I7 ownzsee a11 y0u n0o8z. G0 rox 7H3 8ig K0x.
    Wh4t th3 fu(k i5 tH!s 008eR pr0gram? It oWznz al1 y0u no0bsee. G0 rox 7H3 8ig K0x.
    Wha7 tH3 fucK is thi5 0083R pR0gr4m? I7 0wnzsee 411 yo00 n008see. G0 rox 7he b!g K0x.
    WHa7 7H3 phucK is th!5 ub3R pRogRam? It 0wnzsee 4l1 yo00 noobz. Go rox tHe 8ig Kox.
    Wh47 th3 fucK !s th!5 u83R pR0gram? I7 0wnzz 41l y0u nzo0bz. G0 r0x tHe 8ig Kox.
    WHat tHe f00ck is 7hi5 00b3r pRogr4m? I7 oWznzsee 4ll yo00 n0obsee. G0 R0x 7He b!g k0x.
    Wh47 tHe phucK i5 7His uber pR0gr4m? I7 oWznsee 4l1 you nzo08see. G0 r0x 7He b!g K0x.
    WH4t tH3 fuck i5 7His 00beR pR0gr4m? I7 ownzsee a11 you nzoo8z. G0 Rox 7He 8ig kox.
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    geezz..... take it easy big fella...

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    y0uR m4mm4 i5 05ama

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