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Thread: Antsp2p 0.9.2 update 26.01.2005 anonymous Filesharing

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    ANts P2P realizes a third generation P2P net.
    It protects your privacy while you are connected and makes you not trackable,
    hiding your identity (ip) and crypting everything you are sending/receiving from others.


    #Open Source Java implementation (GNU-GPL license).
    #Multiple sources download.
    #Torrent download from partial files.
    #Automatic resume and sources research over the net.
    #Search by hash, string and structured query.
    #Embedded support for etherogeneus data types (not only arrays of bytes...).
    #Completely Object-Oriented routing protocol.
    #Point to Point secured comunication: DH(512)-AES(128)
    #EndPoint to EndPoint secured comunication: DH(512)-AES(128)
    #Automatic serverless peer dicovery procedure.
    #IRC based peer discovery system.
    #IRC embeded chat system.
    #Full text search of indexed documents (pdf, html, txt, doc etc) -> QUERY #REFERENCE.
    #Distributed/Decentralized Search engine
    #HTTP tunneling.

    you must open Ports for Ants


    to run ants must need to open the Ports.

    DNS can be used, when your ip is changed.


    #new irc server added. now standard is
    #Gwebcache V2

    Download Ants 0.9.2 Installer

    JWS installer installs the latest version 0.9.4:


    Download Page:

    Antsp2p Installer Linux:

    Install Java on Linux howto and download and Install faq:

    Anstp2p Installer Windows:

    Anstp2p Installer Jar:

    Antsp2p Installer MAC:
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    Well GUI looks better than I last saw thats for sure although its been awhile.
    Has the traffic gotten any better lately as for finding stuff...

    Also Welcome Aboard.

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    Apr 2003
    Has anyone given it a real thourough testing yet ?
    Open your mind

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    I did awhile back but was mainly testing how Anon it really was and I must say it was near impossible to find someone on the network due to its design you dont know who your dl or ul to. As for content it was slim as it was rather new then and had issues with larger file and resume although Im sure all that has gotten at least somewhat better. I may turn on myu VM and give it another try this weekend to see the changes since I last tried it...

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    iam testing since 3 month and it is bether than in dezember 2004.

    there are testing more than 50 users at the moment last saturday ants have record users of 84. and i think there will be more in next time. and more users more sources with ants.
    my record sources with ants was 8 sources for a file and speed was 20kbs to 30kbs and anytime more than 30kbs when many sources then have good speed.

    and new user can become help on irc in ants. tips and help.

    iam at the moment 24 hours online with ants.
    you must test to see it self.

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    Ants 0.9.4update

    JWS autoinstall the latest

    ants 0.9.4 Jar installer

    changelog 0.9.4

    #fixed transfers
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