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Thread: Cheap Hard Drive

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    Im looking for an extreamly cheap large hard drive. Im looking at 160gb's. 7200RPM and hopefully 8mb cache. These are what iv found so far;

    Western Digital 160GB ATA100 7200rpm 2mb - OEM

    Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 9 160Gb 7200rpm 8mb Cache ATA133 Hard Drive - OEM

    Its like 2 difference between a 2mb cache and 8mb cache. Thing is iv never had any hard drive fail on me (My 2 hdd's that fucked up was my fault really) so i know nothing about different brands and everyone has had there own experience with different brands. Thing is money is the most important thing here. Mainly becuase i know everyone is going to say a different brand is there favourite and its each to his own experience really. Basically what hdd to you reccemend that is CHEAP, 7200rpm, 8mb cache and 160gb +, i mean if you know a 250Gb thats 20 more thats great.

    Thanks for teh helpage, also what do you think about the two drives iv mentioned?

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    That Maxtor looks like a good choice.

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    The maxtor would be faster.
    Not that I like that brand though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peerzy
    Its like 2 difference...
    just wanted to point out its like 95p difference
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    Yea I would have gone with the Western Digital 8MB. Surely it's not that more expensive is it? From my experience you tend to get better results with WD than Maxtor. I'm using 2 HDD's with my current PC, one of each in fact and while the WD is pretty quiet, the Maxtor does make a little noise. Hardly noticeable, but still.

    Sites to check out... (i shop there regularly. highly recommended) (which you know) (have some good offers on now and again) (awesome offers on regularly)

    have you looked at any 200gb models?

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    Okay yeah, i mean 1 difference for an 8mb cache is work it so im gonna go for the Maxtor.

    EDIT: Just saw Samuria's reply.

    I had a quick look at 200gb and was a bit more expensive, im a student who's far worse than broke right now hench the cheap hdd. I lived on a 160gb hdd for a while and found it just right maybe even a bit small then i get an extra 250gb and ended up downloaded 300gb worth of dvdr''s only for me to fook up the hdd and loose them all.

    I don't give 2 shytes about noise either, i live right new to a main road, my pc is on 24/7 is less than 1 meter away from me with its side open a couple of loud fans (that have blue leds) iv learned to live with it.

    I'll check those other sites now. I think the WD 8mb was about 10 more expensive.
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    Just checked the website and Ebuyer, Microdirect and Aria al do that Maxtor drive, they were all within 1 of each other but shipping was all the divided them apart. Aria was the most expensive with like 7 shipping, then Ebuyer with 5 shipping (+VAt made it more expensive) and the best price was MicroDirect which is going to cost me 58.15.

    Thanks for the websites i'll make my order in a few days (need to get teh money and leave time for people to say how shit Maxtor is and how i should buy.....

    Also Microdirect is retial and comes with 3 year warrenty, Ebuyer is OEM, and with my luck i'll be needing the warrenty.
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    I dont buy anything but Seagate....but the maxtor looks best from those 2.
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    160's you can get for $80 give or take $5. 200's for $100 give or take $7-8. and
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    I personally buy Seagate for my own setups I have bought quite a few Maxtor drives for customers on tight budgets. I haven't had any comebacks from the Maxtors. They are fast relatively quiet. Quieter than the last WD I bought but not as quiet as the Seagates.

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