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Thread: ms hates me

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    i cant sign in on msn messenger on any of my 3 pcs, I cant go to or, on any of my 3 pcs and I cant get on xbox live on my xbox

    but all other sites and stuff works, and everyone else is on msn and suff

    what did i do to piss old billy off

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    it's prolly M$ and not u.

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    it's not just you, i've been trying to read my e-mail for 15 minutes now
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    It's working fine for me.

    Seems as if the last occasion I looked in my hotmail account was December sometime. I had about 17 million notifications from here about pms. I might pm an admin to get them to turn it off for me.
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    had the same was when my isp was added new routers...took a couple of days to fix..

    can u log on to
    can u go to

    call ur isp...100% sure its and isp prob.

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