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Thread: GrabIt Cache Temp Folder Mystery

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    Semms the folder C:\Program Files\GrabIt\Cache\Temp has suddenly been filling up with files taht Ive never dl or seen before and have no idea how or where they are coming from. Ive deleted all the files from the first time I saw this and now theres more again. Does anyone else have this trash showing up also...

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    I tried to dwonload a dvdr once and it did this, i deleted them and left grabit for about a week. Its okay now.

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    Theyve now reappeared again and new names like "The Eric D**phy Memorial Barbecue.mp3" although most appear incomplete as they cannot be opened or played except some of the pictures it seems...
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    It's probably the batch you were working on when you shut down grab it.Wait till everything is done downloading and make sure there is nothing left in the batch and then shutdown the program and check that folder.I just checked my folder a minute ago and it was completely empty.
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    that folder is pretty empty for me.

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    Normally if I watch it I only see the items Im getting flash through there once they finish and go to my download location. It may well be from closing and saving batch creating the bug I suppose as I was doing that at the time...
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    I had this problem too after a reinstall... I'm not sure how I fixed the problem, it just started working right on it's own, but I do know what the problem is. They are files that are downloading, but not decoding. I had to get on the Grabit forum to find out for myself. Though when I finally found a thread that was remotly like my problem, they all just started popping into my download folder decoded... weird, but true.

    If you watch while one is about to finish grabbing from from one of your plugs, does it hang for a sec saying "decoding", or just drop off the batch?

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    Typically it decodes and while it is you can see the file flash for a second in and out of that folder as it finishes and moves to the dl folder. I dont have any issues with stuff never decoding staying in there. There are items Ive never dl at all and never seen and dosent leave until I go into the folder and delete them. My only guess is that incompletes have some sort of weird affect leaving these ghost files which most are unusable athough some are pics are viewable. The only reason I think that incompletes may cause some sort of strange ghost files is because at the time I had quite alot of incompletes on my server and was using nzb files with GrabIt along with the option to keep incomplete files although it still rather strange that these files had absoulutly no similarities to anything I was actually dling at all...
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