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Thread: Requests, gripes etc. etc.

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    I've been a fairly active BitTorrent user for about a year and a half, first using and then moving to (now apparently ). My preferred client is the latest ABC. I've also just signed up at Here's a little list of questions and comments I've been dying to air out, but never had a chance or place to do so until now. Any help offered for any of them is greatly appreciated.

    1. Why do certain files that SEEM to have good seed/peer numbers never get moving in my download list?

    2. Related to #1: anybody find a valid torrent for PC games Resident Evil 2 and/or 3? (I have bought originals of RE1/2/3 for PSX, RECV for DC, and RE0/RE1r for NGC because I love this series so much. I think of this as try before buy)

    3. Anybody sharing Danger Girl or Dirty Pair (Adam Warren, 1990-onward) comics in .cbr format?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

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    you have slow download speeds is that what you said?

    do you have a router if so did you port forward it?

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    Thanks for replying. No, I really mean that the torrent just sits there - never starts, no transfer, zilch. Yet there seem to be enough seeds and peers that this should not be an issue.

    Could it be that the tracker's seed records are too ancient, or maybe some seeds are available only by private access?


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