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Thread: best drivers for an ati 9800?

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    Right I'm getting sick of my card crashing on a completely random basis, what are the most stable drivers for my powercolor 9800 pro? Im got an amd athlon 64bit 3000 on a Kv8 mb, 512 ddr2700 ram,with a maxtor 164g hd and audiophile 2496 soundcard, running xp pro corp sp2 (with a 64bit fix). At the moment I'm using Omega drivers which work better than catalyst, but i was wondering if anybody knows of better ones? bet you do cause ur all geniuses.
    Cheers :guinesssm

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    I'm using the latest drivers (5.1) from ATI with no problems.

    I'm currently using an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB so if this is the same as yours you should be fine.

    Also, I recommed getting the drivers only rather than the whole control centre as it's not really needed.

    ATI 5.1 Catalyst Control Centre - 28.1 MB
    ATI 5.1 Catalyst Control Panel - 22.8 MB (Get This One)

    Edit: Quick Link
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    the ones from ATI would be the most stable

    you could try Unian, i haven't tried them myself, but hear their stability is comparable to Omega
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    I was havin trouble with the Omega . I changed to Catalyst after Samurai's , post a few weeks back . Been great every since . I have a ATI 9700 pro , by the way .
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    hmmm. I think I tried 5.1 before, I'll give them another go, and get back to ya's
    cheers for the feedback folks
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    I use omega drivers for my video card... Works excellently


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