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Thread: Nat Error

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    yes, i have read the sticky Azureus guide. Still i want to ask this. My azureus works OK, the health light green. But when i do a Port Test with azureus config wiz i get this NAT error. Even with the error why do i green light?

    I wouldnt need to test it because most of the times the light stays green. But just a few trackers always give me yellow. Although i can download those yellow torrents with average speed but still why issit happening? is it possible that some trackers use different ports? or trackers have nothing to do with ports (i am ignorant in networking). "" always gives me yellow.

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    do you have a router?

    did you port forward it?

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    i did port forward both in my router and XP sp2 firewall (6881). BTW, i always have NAT error when i do the test, even when there is green and downloading very fast. I wouldnt 've bothered this error as most downloads are fine. its just only very few downloads have yellow.
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