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Thread: Legal Filesharing

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    Im not sure what to say about this as Ive thought and seen other members in the past mention a plan like if there were a group of members in a club that all put $1.00 a month into a pot and then decided what to purchase with it, since it was bought together than all members would own it and have fair use rights to backup copies which could be supplied through a small filesharing network exclusive to only the members that joined. Ide think therede have to money set aside for suits of course but Im not sure on what grounds it could ever be shut down.

    Anyway I saw something along those lines which reminded me of all this and also happened to be discussing it just the other day. This seems possibly along the same lines and between that and just another scam perhaps...

    Interesting at the very least anyway.
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    That would probally because it is a scam.....and even if it wasnt torrentspy is way better


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