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Thread: Evil Mess ! Do I Need A Codec ?

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    So once again here I am... CONFUZZLED.. well this is a learning process. and maybe one day I'll be able to help someone else... or I'll just cunfuzzle them..

    Anywho.. I downloaded "The Core" for the first 5 whole seconds.. it GREAT... and throughout the whole movie there are seconds of a perfect picture... But the rest ...
    A BIG MESSY GREEN RAINBOW COLORED MESS !!! I have a divx codec ... and klight codecs installed... I even used the gspots thing.. and it said that it didn't need anything.. if I understood right... is there another codec I need to install ??? Any help, or info would be most appriciated.. THANKS !!!

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    r u sure u hav'nt d/l the new hulk movie

    anyway on a serious note... when i had the same problem ...i changed the xvid
    codec and every thing work fine...

    but the movie i was tring to play was xvid as well ..but it might b worth a tri until sone who know the exact cause comes along..

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    there are two XviD codecs for windows: the Koepi version and the Nic version. if one of them doesn't work correctly on your computer, you may have better luck uninstalling it and then installing the other one.

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    LOL !!! NO I d'led the new Spider Man 2 movie...

    Anywho on tha realz THANK YA'LL SOO MUCH !!! I am gonna go try those things out....

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    There is also Umaniac's xvid you can try too. Also there have been problems with xvid that is why the k-lite codec downgraded. So if have xvid problems use the older one that can be found at the development area in the k-lite codec thread.

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    Try Koepi's build from 04/10/2002 (4 October). That one works for almost everybody.

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    Download K-Lite codec pack which contains all the neccesary codecs you need but uninstall all your old codecs first.


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