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Thread: In Your Own Words

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    As long back as I can remember, we always used to have our own alternative words for everyday things. Sort of similar to Cockney Rhyming slang, but different. Now I am in my late 40's, and still both myself and my wife use our own "language" for different things.

    Here are a few examples of our language, and explanations of how we got to the words in question...

    Pad - a cup of tea (Do you want a pad?) - Lily the Pink - drink - then shortened to Lily, and then for some reason (unexplained) we always call a cup of tea a pad.

    Heenapol - A loud person - Our neighbour is a loud git and we have a cat called Polly. This neighbour makes these strange noises similar to a Hyena, which the cat reacts to. So we used to say "Can you hear the Hyena Polly?", which then got shortened to Heenapol, and now every loud person is a Heenapol.

    Pencils - Money - derived from pennies

    Pencil Case - a wallet

    I have a complete list if anyone should be interested, just email me.

    Now I want yours. I know you have them, so come on...

    If you wanna get into it, you've gotta get out of it...

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    here's a recent thread filled with them

    welcome to the forum you heenapoling pad of pencils


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