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Thread: Firefox Problem [How u Fix this?]

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    Ok, I have firefox v1.0 and I went to After I searched, a message came up asking me to grant the permission for packetnews to install 'software' on my desktop. I said no and "remember preference". Now I understand that without the ability for it to install the 'software', It wont copy and paste when i click the pack#. I have the signed applets code base set to true in (about:config). Copying and pasting works fine in because i allowed it to install the 'software'.

    Is there any way that I can reset these settings? I want Packetnews to install the 'software' so that I dont have to manually do all the work.


    P.S. (I already tried Uninstalling and Installing)

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    Tick the box if its not already ticked that says " Allow websites to install software" then go across a bit more and click on "Allowed Sites" and put in the website address.


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