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Thread: Downloaded movie files that won't play..? SBN format it says.

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    I downloaded a couple of movie files part 1 and part 2 that have {SBN} written after the title. The files will not play, though i have the latest Kazaa codec pack. Media player reports that the "specified module could not be found". Any advice or should I just give up on the file.


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    rename the extention to .avi or .mpg

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    Is that the format of the file?

    'Cause doesn't show that file format.

    "Gspot Codec information appliance" is a utility that will tell you the audio and video codec used if it is a legitimate video file.

    You can get it here...
    But, it used to come with the K-lite codec pack so you may already have it.

    Since you downloaded these files using Kazaa, you may have gotten a fake file as well.

    Trying a different media player may be in order since not all of them are created equal...



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