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Thread: MS Office 2003 d/l problem

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    Dec 2003
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    I've downloaded ms office pro but didn't know it was Swedish until I finished downloading it.

    Thing is, I'm downloading it for a friend so I don't want to install it on my pc and find out the answers I need cos it might mess up the Office 2003 I've already got(lost the disc I had! ).

    What I need to know is;

    If I install the Swedish version, is there an option to set the "language" on installation?

    Or, can I copy/paste the "set language" file I've got in my own program files into the Swedish version?

    Or, can someone tell me what site can I d/l it from(English version), not asking for a direct link, just the site and file name(or size).

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    the ones on bittorrent sites will work.


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