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Thread: Skype

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    Skype is the next phenomenon from the people who brought you KaZaA. Just like KaZaA, this uses P2P (peer-to-peer) technology to connect you to other users not to share files this time, but to talk for free with your friends. The technology is extremely advanced - but super simple to use. You'll be making perfect quality free phone calls to your friends in no time.

    Change Log
    30.01.2005 version

    * change: improved communication security
    * change: allow empty bodies to /topic and /me
    * change: /alertson and /alertsoff in group chat
    * change: improved detection for roaming conditions
    * change: improved computer idle detection
    * bugfix: some memory leaks patched
    * bugfix: memberlist was incomplete in rare cases

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    Thanks again, IKE.


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