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Thread: My torrents won't upload

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    I decided to make some pretty good torrents and now they won't upload.
    I made the torrent using "MakeTorrent 2", then I put it in Azureus, but an error apears, it says "torrent not found on this tracker" or sometimes it says something about "missing passkey" ...
    So, I won't be able to share, who would have tought!

    edit: You know, when I make the torrent, I select a tracker from the options that it gives you...
    Is there something else that Im not doing?
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    The tracker you are selecting is:

    a) Dead (probably not if it says missing passkey)
    b) Requires you to upload it to their server
    c) Might require you to download the torrent from the site in order for it to work properly.
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    I'll take C for a 1000, does sound like you need to upload the torrent to the web site, then redownload the version they supply, The site version will have your own personal key embeded in the tracker info.

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    worldpease's Avatar always annoying
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    Jul 2004
    Tj Mexico
    Seems you two were right!
    I did that and now its all OK!

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    Ive been using lokitorrent and havent had to dl it from the site. I just make the torrent with their tracker and ul to the site and then just start the torrent so its seeding. It does at times take a few minutes to start up though...
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    It depends on the site, most public sites just create torent upload and begin seeding, but most private trackers you have to download thier torrent with your personal key embeded, Its how they track your ratio...


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