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Thread: Program1...a Bug?

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    A few days ago when I was trying to copy a DVD, a "File" with no extensions named "Program" in the the root of my HDD was brought to my attention. When ever I log-on to my area, I am welcomed with a prompt to rename the Program to Program1 then Program2 etc. not deleting the previous files. It also mentions "that it would stop programs functioning correctly"???

    I have done a full system scan with Symantec Norton AntiVirus 2003 Professional Edition. I am running Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition.

    What shall I do? Should I backup the file then delete it, would that do the job?

    Thanks if you can help me.

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    All i can say in regards to this is that i also have a file called program1 in the root of my hdd but it has never asked to be renamed or anything hopefully someone else has an idea of what it was for, i cant quite remember when the file first appeared, ill try and delete it and then report back, see if that helps


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