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Thread: Nero Burning

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    Im not sure if this has been posted, if it has if u could post the hyperlink that would be appreciated. If not, im running Nero, not sure if this is a really old version, but it looks like it works. I havnt burned anything yet. How do i burn DVDs and how is the cue and bin files related In order to burn bin files do i have to place the cue in some section of Nero and then Place teh bin file in another section, then burn?

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    well timz first off this shud be in software because its software related but a cue tells nero how to burn the bin so u burn from image in nero make sure the cue and bin are in the same folder and the choose the cue and then burn as simple as

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    look in the FAQ thats in there, but im not sure if you can burn DVDs with Nero.

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    Just choose burn image and drag your file is a good version if you have the plugins too

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    vcdhelp have some good guides on video burning and so forth check them out


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