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View Poll Results: Is Mr. M.Jackson Innocent?

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Thread: Is Mr. M.Jackson Innocent?

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    This is a very sad affair for all parties
    whichever way the media will make a ton of cash.

    The question was not
    Is Mr M.Jackson "Guilty"
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    no serious poll?
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    Please move it over.
    I just thought that Tabloid Fetish is off topic
    yet this is an issue which will sadly preoccupy the media, and us and the victims if there are any, and him and family etc for the next 6 months.
    Enjoy the ride.

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    He didnt do it.

    its known that the mother of the child has been trying to sue other people in the past with BS complaints... I think now she abused her childs sickness to claim money from Mr. Jackson.

    The kid was in the documentary about Mr. Jacksons life. Did anyone see how happy he was that Mr. Jackson let him in his house after his illness?

    Mother of Mr. Jackons children is willing to testify against him? oh fuck off she just want her kids back 'in her house' and a big cheque every month for child support !!

    I hope the trial will be a fair one!
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    No idea.

    He is too out of touch with reality for me to even guess at what is going on.

    If he molested the first child and the parents took money then they prostituted their child and should be in dock with him.

    Having given money to make the first lot go away he opened the door to gossip and anyone else keen to rook him.

    His troubles are largely of his own making - whether he is innocent of the charges will be for the jury to decide. I don't envy them their task.
    Cogito cogito ergo cogito sum

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    Whether he is innocent or guilty, i will not be able to trust the verdict...either way.
    Mr Jackson is "The Media"l
    No juror in North America does not know who he is.

    If prooven innocent - there will be conspiracy about whether it was fixed from his behalf.
    If prooven guilty - it will likewise be possibly a cause of "bias"
    I don't know
    but if a child was abused....
    let him become the ultimate symbol - monument of pedophile
    if prooven innocent - sue the shit out of the world for rapping you honor.

    Ironically....the only information that 99,9% of "us" know abot him is;
    via the media

    The jury decides...
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    Was Michael Jackson convicted guilty or claimed innocent ?

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    He did it! Plain and simple

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    hes guilty, hes a freak and should be put in jail

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    Quote Originally Posted by natedogg
    hes guilty, hes a freak and should be put in jail
    This is the Serious Polls section. please give us more info why you think this.

    Because he is different and likes stuff that children like doesnt make him a pedophile

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