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Thread: Monitor/video card digital out

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    pardon the ignorance, this is the first time I have delt with this type of cord and have no idea what it is called.

    Ok so i bought a new flat screen and it came with two cables, one the traditional varioty, and other one more pins or holes and I am guessing it is some form of digital cable.

    when I built my new pc it didnt work at all, and I assumed probabliy correctly that it was because my video card had no drivers.

    Now with drivers, it is all sketchy, flashes and squirls.

    normal cable works fine.

    what am I doing wrong.

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    You are right about it being a digital interface. I've never used one myself, so I can't give you any other help.

    But I can say for certain that you will be asked which card you've got and which monitor. You've got a better chance of a successful reply if you post that info.
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    wait, the other cables has more pins/holes and you plugged it into your card anyways

    but is there a white looking port on your video card? its almost the same as the regular one, except its white

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    yeah, you can't use the white cable unless your video card supports digital output. Mine does and I use fine. Haven't really seen a difference either way, though.

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    DVI is what it's called...probably.
    The connectors should look like this...


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    yes the connector does look like that. I would assume that if the video card has an out featuring that connector it would support it, but stranger things have happened.

    The vid card is a nvidia 5600.

    But if the differnce in quality is not that noticable, I will forget about it.


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    Check your display properties. You should be able to change a setting that tells your video card which output to use.


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