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Thread: AVI problems after uninstalling K-lite Codec Pack..

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    My system won't play anything with avi extension anymore, this problem appeared when I removed the codec pack.. Reinstalling did not help either..

    Gspot shows codec installed but WMP won't play the avi..

    This error report by WMP9:

    The system won't play even my own avi encoded files..
    I can use VLC, or WMP classic to play avi's vids but I want my system to recognize this format in WMP9..

    Any1 knows a fix for this?
    Thanks for any input..

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    Perhaps re-installing DirectX will help.

    Which version of the codec pack did you uninstall?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Entity101
    Perhaps re-installing DirectX will help.
    I done that, DX9b - DX9c No change..

    Which version of the codec pack did you uninstall?
    I don't remember but i can tell you it happened to me three times, first with ACE mega codec pack, and twice with K-lite.. Reinstalling the OS was the only option for fix the problem, Well i think i learned something.. From now on no more codec packs for me!
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    This problem happened to me too. The problem is that when you uninstall K-Lite it sometimes unregisters the .avi and .wav Source Filters.

    Here is how you fix it.
    1. In regedit navigate to:
    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\Media Type\Extensions\
    2. Add two new Keys ".avi" & ".wav"
    3. Under the new .avi and .wav Keys add the String Value "Source Filter"
    4. Change the value of "Source Filter" to "{D3588AB0-0781-11CE-B03A-0020AF0BA770}"
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