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Thread: Downloading large

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    I'm wondering if it's safe to really download more than one 4gb file in a month or two, since that's quite obvious to the isp in the first place. Even Linus distributions are rarely that large..but I wouldn't be surprised if so.
    What's your input on this? I've only downloaded "Huge" files a few times...I never did anything over 5gb either...
    People that were busted always download em?
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    i'd say thats a conservative amount to download in a two-month period. one dvd-r is usually over 4gb! the isp usually doesn't care what, or how much you download. they might get angry that you're using a lot of bandwith, but hey, you're paying for it.

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    My record was around 130 GB/month (up and down). downloaded some dvds never had any problems with my ISP.

    Download as much as you want until you get a letter saying you need to stop downloading so much
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    Your ISP only cares about you hogging the network where others on the block are affected or such. Ide say a realistic amont to dl with the average ISP without them giving a shit is somewhere around 50gb or so in a month unless of curse you have some sort of TOS stating otherwise which is generally a guideline anyway or if you have a cap. Those dl in the 200gb range are more than likely to get a call or email becauese your just not profitable to them at that point...
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    is there anyway to check how much you have downloaded in a month


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