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Thread: Seeding from FTP server

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    Dont think its possible but I guess its worth asking.

    I got an account at 1&1 that gives me disc space and unlimited bandwith. I wanted to know if I could d/l to my space through FTP connection. Or would I have to setup a VPN. Maybe there is some sort of tunneling software out there.

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    Hmm thats a good idea...

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    it probably would be possible but you would have to give out your login details to random people to actually be able to seed it.

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    I cant seem to access this page:

    Or BT's website. Weird. Any info I need on it?
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    Step 1

    Download and install the webseed-ing script

    Download it from here. Unpack and upload via FTP. By the way, you will need a machine with PHP 4 & MySQL. Execute all the SQL commands in webseed.sql. Alternatively, you can import the DB using phpMyAdmin (that's how I did it). They're separated by semicolons (the semicolons are not part of the queries themselves) if you need to enter them manually. Most are mutli-line commands.

    Edit config.php and set your desired maximum number of uploads, max upload rate (note that the upload rate is burst-based) and the username/password required to add new seeds.
    Ok. Got it downloaded but how do I execute the SQL commands?
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    Step 2

    Modifying of the .torrent to work with webseeds

    You need to modify the .torrent file to tell clients where to access the seed.

    First, you need to download and install the latest Python. Get it here - Then download the latest source package of BitTornado -

    It includes the utility "" for modifying the .torrent.

    Open commandline and run " <http-seeds> file1.torrent [file2.torrent...]" (sample : RadLight4PREBETA1b10.exe.torrent RadLight4PREBETA1b10.exe.torrent). The second .torrent is the output file. In this case it will overwrite the first .torrent which is OK with me but you may want to select a different output file. Just a note, I couldn't make it work with more than one webseed.

    For more information see the commandline output of or check out its source code.
    This does not work!!! Ive been stuck on this for like an hour. Im starting to get pissed off here. Anyone wanna help?
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