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Thread: any ideas anyone?

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    Hi everybody
    i've got two isos for broken sword one on the pc. Cd2 burns fine, but when i try cd1 on nero it says the image size doesnt correspond with the block size or something and i try to correct it but the file size is bout 55 meg too big for the cd anyway.
    i installed it successfully enough using a virtual cd drive but when i try to play it it just asks me to insert cd 1.
    if anyone could help me out it be really helpful

    Ps, sorry bout the double post
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    on something.
    If it's fully installed a nocd crack might help you.

    Oooor, you could possibly drag all content from cd1* into a folder on your hd, and change the search path in the .ini for cd1 to that folder. If it can't do a full install.

    You'd still need a nocd patch tho'.

    Gamecopyworld might have something, but scan it with a good av before using it.

    *The mounted CD, not the .iso.

    EDit: also, nero or something should be able to overburn 55 megs.
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