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Thread: Help!

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    I'm new here, so please excuse me if these questions have popped up before!

    1) Can anyone explain the differences in "Audio Sampling Rate" with mp3 files?
    I am after 44kHz files, yet continue to find a large number of 22kHz files (which are useless to me). Is there anything I can do to get around this problem?

    2) How do you hide/unhide the properties at the top of the search screen (Title, Artist, Size, etc). I used to have the file duration (?) as a heading (to the left of "Filename"), but it seems to have disappeared, and I can't get it back.

    If anyone out there can help me out, it would be VERY much appreciated!!!

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    1. you cannot hide those files. there is no option to block 22kHz files.

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    Cool - thanks.

    Think I found that out the hard way!


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