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Thread: Which is the best to (REMOVE) spyware?

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    Which is the best software to remove and detect spyware. Currently I have adware pro, spybot and microsoft's one. I have these and still i get spyware appearing even though i used all three. So any suggestions?

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    what kind of spyware? if its just cookies that are found by a spyware tool there is no need for another porgram.

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    One is somthing to do with HOSTS file and other are search bar stuff. I used ms one and it claimes to have removed it but when i ran the scan again it appeared. there are also others which aren't a huge threat.

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    I recomend giant antispyware

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    Quoted from Slimy
    \-->Anti- Spyware/Adware/Malware<--/
    Don't forget these fake ******s:


    1. One of the first apps and was one of the best, unmatchable
    2. Unfortunately, big companies have taken over... spybot is slower, and finds a lot less
    3. Still interesting to dl once in a while but no big changes seem to be happening

    I'm waiting for 1.4 final to be released, wonder how it will compete...

    SE 1.05

    1. Great detection rates, fast and reliable
    2. Free (personal), pro not really needed, see below (unless you got the $)
    3. Frequent updates of signatures although actual program updates.. none for a while

    I'm eager to see if this will be necessary after ms releases the final of the giant antispyware app...
    Stays on Computer

    >Microsoft AntiSpyware (beta)<

    1. Giant was one of the best, good research work ms
    2. Fast detection, thorough, great results
    3. Some false positives, but overall it is worth it, ignore feature
    4. Horrible mem in the background, not needed at startup, only for scans, wonder if ms will change anything

    As bangbang023 nicely put it: "In the end, for someone like me, the subscription fee is the determining factor."
    Stays on Computer


    1. Very good detection rate, some false positives
    2. Awesome interface, frequent updates
    3. Costs money, for what others do for free

    Guess some people just want to be reassured by paying...

    >Pest Patrol<

    1. uhh money? uhh no
    2. Good detection rates, many false positives tho
    3. Not bad interface, somewhat frequent updates

    Tho this program is good, I'm not paying...


    1. fast, small, reliable
    2. removes even the most annoying spyware/adware tricks
    3. updtates often, can remove startup entries and so on
    4. generates log which can be posted on net, good for newbies
    5. free, not even a meg

    Never forget this app when removing junk...
    Stays on Computer

    >Bazooka Scanner< - where's the homepage?

    1. small, fast, frequent updates
    2. can't remove anything, but gives detailed on info on how to and about what it finds
    3. nice interface

    I find this app pointless if you already have a good removing app, like the ones above...


    1. free, good updates
    2. medium memory usage
    3. doesn't cover as much as winpatrol

    Not needed...


    1. free
    2. doesn't have to be running in the background
    3. great protection, very solid program, many definition updates

    Stays on Computer


    1. small, effective, even catches viruses doing their thing
    2. uses very minimal amount of memory, ~3 megs
    3. works very silently, alerts you quickly on many system changes, great app!

    This app is a real gem, a definite keeper...
    Stays on Computer

    >Desktop Armor<

    1. costs money
    2. very good app, solid interface, catches lots of junk, takes some memory
    3. never failed for me, try it out

    If only it was free it might stand a chance against winpatrol...

    >Prevx Home<

    1. very good app, prevents many changes done to your computer by different threats
    2. memory hog, uses tons of memory
    3. costs money

    When I have winpatrol, this is an absolute waste of money...

    >Browser Sentinel<

    1. good amount of features
    2. rip-off price
    3. high memory usage

    No point when I have a free and low-memory app...

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    lol nice one

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    But first, try ADD/REMOVE in the control panel.
    you have no clue how many people screw up their PCs TCP stack because they rip out spyware and don't use ADD/REMOVE first.
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    yeah i did add remove before i did the download comps fine

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    IMO, only one scaner is necassary. I prefer Microsoft Anti Spyware.

    After I scan if the scanner found spyware and removed it I usually run HiJackThis! to remove any last traces of teh spyware.
    Chances are you won't understand HiJackThis! so you cna post a log here if you need to, and then people can tell you what to fix/remove.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkmatter
    I recomend giant antispyware

    Ya thats the one I use . Too bad its going to be absolet in a year or too .

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