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Thread: kazaa ++ wont work in my college

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    hi i am in college and when i open kazaa ++ 2.4.3, it just says connecting but it never connects

    how do i fix this

    i think my school is blocking it

    but i here there is a way to get it running again
    how do i fix this

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    Try changing the port that Kazaaa uses. try port 80

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    They could have a port throttle, try a post like 80 or somrthing related to email or even a rondom high number. Alternativly you could try proxy or tunneling software. I havent used it in a long time but you could test with which works with KL++ last I checked but the freebie is capped at like 2k or something but I guess it will let you know if it works. Also if you have an older version of KL++ without the updatses you may have outdated SuperNodes. You can get a KL++ Updates package HERE as that may work also...
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    why use kazaa when theres bittorrent

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    bit torrent doesent work eather

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    for bittorrent, choose posts that aren't in the range of 6881-6889. try something in 49152-65535.

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    first you have to uninstall kazaa. then to get bittorrent working you should ask a network administrator or somebody like that if they could open up the ports you need (6681-6889).

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    most colleges/universites limit common p2p ports. Ur best bet is to do what RealitY said and either use port 80 or some random high (5 digit?) port number. Do not stick to default ports.

    If the above fails, ur going to have to tunnel (speeds super slow if u arent paying for it). THeres also proxies but most are set up to catch filesharers and most free ones are super slow too.
    blah blah blah... whatever...

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    how do we know that our supernodes are already outdated? I tried checking for status of my "current supernode IP port and the result is "error". I tried to check it's status using KazuperNodes 1.4.8.
    My current supernode is on the upper right.
    and I checked its status on the left side of the screen. There it shows that it can't connect.
    But when I tried checking it's status using the lower right part (new supernode screen)it says that it is a supernode.
    Can anybody explain this behavior?

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    some colleges/universites blocks the usage of p2p. In that case, there's really nothing you can do.

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