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Thread: Licence for downloaded files?

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    New to this stuff, but when I down load some file, 99% I got play them and a 'licence aquisition' prompt comes up and then notheing happens....? what do I do


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    4 simple steps

    1) delete them
    2) add .wmv and .wma to your search filters
    3) find a non-copy protected version
    4) make popcorn

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    1. Stop using Kazaa or Kazaa Lite (or whatever its name is nowadays): the Fasttrack network isn't what it used to be. Move to E-mule, Bittorent, Soulseek or Ares.
    2. Stay away from *.wmv or *.wma files, those are mostly the ones with license aquisition prompts.

    edit: meh. too slow again.
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    Many thanks,

    Will have a where that popcorn...


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