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Thread: p2p/fileshaing behind a campus firewall

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    I tried a search for all related topics and couldn't find anything. You've probably all been asked this before but I was wondering if anyone here knew if there is a way to get around these nasty firewalls. currently I'm blocked from torrents, IRC, p2p, and anything you can think of. Is there some secret way of getting around or is it pretty much impossible? Thanks for your help.

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    you can try changing the ports that they use
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    already tried... nothing of that sort works. I think newsgroups is blocked also, btw.
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    U could try tunneling the firewall might work , on the other hand ive heard of lots of campuses where students have set up their own dc++ hubs on the campus net cause getting around the firewall didnt work
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    Test with perhaps and let us know the results.
    The free service is capped at like 2k but itll let you know if that type of thing will work...
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