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    Zeropaid Interveiw: Snarfer the Administrator of Snarf-it
    posted by moneoa on February 06, 2005 @ 09:04am

    Yesterday a new torrent site went online, it's name is Snarf-it

    Initially announced by a member of the Suprnova Forums with the help of the staff, it is now it's own beast. The SNF community have successfully teased their members the last few weeks building interest in the site and with the support of such a large community and plans for it's own forums as well, Snarf-it looks poised to be another fine BT indexing site.

    Zeropaid News has been granted an interveiw with Snarfer the Administrator of Snarf-it to give us some background on the new site and some of his thoughts on the cuture.

    Let's Get Started!

    1) Why the name snarf-it?

    The name snarf was thought up by a couple of friends of mine, it
    was plucked out of thin air, only later when we googled it did we
    find the meaning of the word and thought it was meant to be.
    Unfortunately many sites used the name snarf so we thought of a
    play on the Nike saying "Just Do It" and came up with "Just Snarf
    It!", snarf-it was born.

    2)For a little while now SNF has been the announcment pad for Snarf
    but just recently announced that the affiliation is now over, will
    Snarf open a forum community of it's own in the future in the same

    Well FD is a good friend of mine and enjoyed hyping his members
    up a bit to much! I respect the SNF a lot and am proud to have
    Snarfy born there but like FD said in his announcement we must find
    our own identity. Forums will be up in the next few days.

    3) In what capacity did the admin of SNF help develop Snarf if any at all?

    I have to thank FD, Snakey and M@W for their support and help,
    they arranged for the SNF Graphics members to design our mascot
    Snarfy, I also had help coding the site from other people linked
    with SNF. I owe a great deal to SNF for letting Snarf-it be born
    there and extend my thanks to all there members.

    4) Why does Snarf gobble torrents? Was there any consideration to
    support more than just that one meal? The tastiness of magnet links
    lets say as opposed to torrents.

    Snarfy is a Giroy and their main diet is torrents, we are trying
    to get him to taste new things such as magnet links but he is being
    stubborn (a Giroy trait). We are confident we will persuade him in
    the not too distant future.

    5) Allot of people say Snarf-it is a decendant of the Suprnova indexing
    site, is this correct, from where did you draw your ideas for

    Well first off let me say that there has been no code or
    anything taken from the SN site as was hinted at in previous
    coverage, this is a unique site, we wanted to create a site that
    was simple to use as the original SN was. Above all else though we
    want to put the fun back into things, we will follow Snarfy on his
    adventures as we progress, he has already been seen "pimping it up"
    and lying on a beach, who knows what the future holds.

    6) The Mpaa has been on a legal war path with torrent sites, are you
    concerned for snarf-it in this aspect? What are your thoughts on their
    efforts to shut down sites not hosting files but just providing links

    We are not worried about the **AA as Snarfy is friends with
    everyone, we encourage anyone who feels their copyright has been
    infringed to email us and we will
    investigate immediately, we may also charge a small fee for having
    advertising for their product on our site without our consent. As
    for our thoughts on the witchhunts lately, they have obviously not
    learned from Napster and have succeded in spawning a multitude of
    new sites to replace the bigger name ones, if they were smart they
    would use P2P to make money instead of waste it. Put .torrent into
    google and see what you get, I don't see them having the
    inclination to sue Google beause they know they would lose.

    7) What are your plans for snarf-it?, Will it be ad supported in the future?

    Yes we are looking for advertisers right now to cover the costs
    of the server(s), we have space available on all our pages but we
    will not allow anything like ActiveX controls that may harm our
    users, banners etc are fine. Please email
    if you are interested. For the future ? Well we hope to become a
    trusted resource site for our members, first stop for what you need
    to snarf.

    8) I noticed Snarf-it's ease of use and browsing, will ease of use be
    a priority for this site, do you plan on making sub categories for

    Yes we will build in sub cats very soon as we grow, ease of use
    is the main priority for our site's users and we want to make it
    quick, easy and fast to find what you need.

    9) Will you require registration for downloads later in it's life cycle
    or will it always be a public index?

    We plan to implement a VIP area for people who seed a long time,
    they will have access to newer stuff before the rest of the users,
    apart from that the site will be a public index for the forseeable

    10) What are your views on P2P in general.

    I think we are on the verge of the big corporations realizing
    that they are fighting a losing battle with regards to prosecuting
    people, pretty soon I think we will start to see a policy change
    from them and although not stop issuing pointless lawsuits they
    will maybe start to use P2P as a way for them to make money rather
    than supposedly lose it. We do after all live in a capitalist
    world, these people are capitalists, they will not ignore the
    medium for much longer without turning P2P to their advantage.

    Thank you Snarfer for your time

    On behalf of the Zp Community I welcome you to the fold and wish you luck with the success of Snarf-it.

    If you'd like more info for Snarf-it, check it out @

    Interveiwer: Bryan M. (Moneoa)
    ~Lead Zeropaid News Admin

    Source: Zeropaid News (
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    Been attempting to get have a look at this "Snarfy" creature but the site's been down since the posting of the Zeropaid interview...

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    Finally loaded - looks promising!

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    it look alright but the dang site hasn't load for me in like 2 days


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