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Thread: Not-viewable video files

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    Thanks for the replies ... some files were viewed now, not all. Can somebody tell me how is the DRM thing working ? If a file is DRM marked or anything, how can somebody get the necessary rights to use(view) the file ?

    I want to return to the issue of video files that are fetched by kazaa and cannot be viewed with windows media or other player .. except from those that are purchasable (powered by altnet if I am correct and marked with a gold icon) there are others that belong in 2 categories:

    1) cannot be played becuase 'error downloading the appropriate codec'
    2) are played but audio is only there, no further error message is received.

    Does anyone know how to deal with those files ? Does anyone know how to contact the other peer when downloading the files (in order to get 'decrypt' info maybe).

    Thanks !
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    allot of movie files from Kazaa are Fakes.

    do you have any codecs installed?
    If not try the K-lite codec pack.

    IF you open the movie files with Gspot you can check if you have the correct codecs installed.

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    Also try VideoLAN.

    If it won't play on it, there's a good chance that your file is a fake.

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    Avoid .wma and .wmv files, because these may have Digital Rights Management built in..

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    Try it with the aviprewiev


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