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Thread: rapper Houston suicide attempt

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    As of last week, however, Houston wasn't great, far from it in fact. The performer reportedly attempted suicide last Thursday while touring in England. Apparently he tried to jump from the 13th floor window of his London hotel room. His own security personnel stopped the attempt, then locked him in a room on a lower floor, at which point the much-distressed Houston (and we’d say ‘reader discretion advised’ here, but you’ve already seen the headline) gouged out his own eye.
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    he even tried to gouge his own eye out after his attempt to kill himself
    i guess money cant buy happiness

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    He clearly needs some medical treatment and several months in a straight jacket....then perhaps we can be spared any more of his bratage....

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    a well
    Ugh hes fighting an addiction to PCP. Forget the manic depression, the medias gonna scapegoat PCP as the reason for his problems.

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    He was actually in some kind of religious spiritual battle or soemthing like that, but after he literally gouged his own eyes out, he was like back to normal like nothing happened..

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    Rapper Houston says he was possessed

    NEW YORK -- The devil made him do it, representatives for R&B singer Houston said in a statement explaining how his eye was seriously gouged.

    Houston's publicist issued a statement Thursday night denying reports that he tried to take his life by jumping from a London hotel window last week. The statement said Houston had "found himself in the midst of a spiritual battle against the evil that runs rampant in the entertainment industry."

    Houston, whose 2004 single "I Like That" was used in a McDonald's commercial, was found in his London hotel room with a serious eye injury. He was briefly hospitalized.

    "I went to check on him before going to bed and I saw blood on the floor," Houston's bodyguard, Marco Powell, said in the statement. "Houston was lying on his bed with a towel over his face and I removed the towel to find his eye hanging out. He said he had to get the devil off of his back and that's the only way he could kill the devil."

    Houston, whose full name is Houston Summers IV, is a Los Angeles native. He was raised strictly Christian and was "constantly at odds with the temptations that come with success in the music business," the statement said.

    Houston was recuperating Friday at his Los Angeles home. The condition of his eye was not known. "I still love all my fans. Please pray for me and know I'll be back with some more hits," Houston said.


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