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Thread: ATP anyone heard of this?

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    In the add/remove program list I have a new listing, something called ATP. I never noticed this before and wonder if it is something I overlooked or is it new scumware. I did a google screach and searched here but could find nothing about it.

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    Perhaps video card or part of the oem to your pc even...
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    I searched the name on my computer and it came up with a couple of files. The apparent application file is called ATPartners.dll and when I click on the properties it gives the company name as Addictive Technologies. Anyone know anything about them?

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    That dosent sound good.
    Here you go...
    To uninstall Addictive Technologies please visit:

    This Software product does not read online forms. This software may collect the following information upon installation: IP address, Location of Country, and Time Zone. No other personal Information is collected. At no time do we sell your information without your permission. At times we may present you with special offers; however you may choose to stop receiving these offers at anytime by simply uninstalling the software.
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    Your right, it don't sound good. I wonder if it is safe to remove? I got a feeling I know where it came from. My nephew was visiting some gaming site last weekend and I have had trouble ever since.

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    Thanks Reality. I wonder if I should go ahead and use the windows remover or try visiting the url they list. My first thought is to use windows.

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    Its the same difference...
    How do I remove your software off my computer?
    Go to windows control panel, add/remove programs, then select ATP or NPO or NPG and click remove. This will uninstall our application completely.
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    Guess I didn't look close enough I'll give it a try. Thanks Reality.

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    I'd also search for any remaining folders and delete them and clean your registry of any keys pertaining to this app.


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