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    Interesting Layout...

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    Feature list:

    * A map as big as your screen -- Our map resizes with the size of
    your browser window.

    * Easy navigation -- You can click and drag the map to move it
    around. Double-click to center.

    * Search results from Google Local -- Try searching for [wifi 94043]
    to see an example

    * Turn-by-turn directions -- Get driving directions, and click on
    one of the steps to see a magnified view of the area mentioned in the

    * Keyboard shortcuts -- Use the arrow keys to pan left, right, up
    and down; pan wider with page up, page down, home and end keys; and
    zoom in and out with the (+) and (-) keys.

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    fuck I hope they can make a ebay alternative, those smug bastards at ebay have gone on long enough


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